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What are you and what can you do for our business?

GOAT Logistics is a data-driven 3PL freight management company. We act as a logistics coordinator for companies that need additional support and resources to manage their day-to-day freight operations.

Is GOAT Logistics a carrier?

We are not a carrier, warehouse, or freight forwarder. We use technology and skilled team members to connect shippers with carriers to optimize the movement of their freight.

What types of shipping does GOAT Logistics provide?
  • Domestic Less Than Truckload (LTL): Shipping for orders that are too big to fall into the small package category, but not so big that the shipment takes up an entire truck's worth of space.
  • Volume Freight: A shipment that's larger and heavier than standard LTL, but not enough to fill a full truckload trailer and be justified for a full truckload shipment. Volume shipments usually ranging from six pallets (or more than 5,000 lbs.) to 24 pallets of goods.
  • Partial Truckload: Larger than LTL but smaller than a full truckload, partial shipments are an excellent solution for companies with multiple products but do not require the capacity of a full truckload.
  • Truckload Freight: Generally, the amount of homogeneous cargo necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container.
  • Dry Van: A type of semi-trailer that's fully enclosed to protect shipments from outside elements. Designed to carry LTL, volume, partial, and FTL freight. Additionally, this method is perfect for expedited shipments that need to be delivered within a tight window, like next day.
What carriers do you work with?

For LTL, we work with regional and national providers such as FedEx, Old Dominion, XPO, SAIA, Averitt, ABF, and Estes; to name a few. For full truckload, we have access to thousands of providers nationwide.  

Do you offer Enterprise Grade Reporting?

Our enterprise-grade technology connects your business to the data you need to help you make better decisions. One of the greatest things about GOAT Logistics is we have a direct impact on your spend from day one; and that impacts your costs with savings that can help boost profits. 

Do you handle Freight Forwarding?

We are not a freight agent or a freight forwarder.

What happens if my freight is lost or damaged? 

While GOAT Logistics is not a carrier, we do work closely with our preferred network of national carriers to ensure all processes to have an outcome that mitigates the risk of any lost or damage situations. We also provide third party insurance and/or coverage to companies that need additional coverage on damaged items to ensure their freight gets reimbursed.  

What’s GOAT’s technology platform?

Our proprietary enterprise system manages the entire life cycle of your shipment(s) from start to finish. Our platform allows us to be as hands on and/or hands off, based on your specific needs. As a data-driven system, we deliver real-time progress reports and other redundances of quality assurance across multiple journey points to ensure your shipment(s) are within budget and on time, all the time. 

What type of businesses do you service?

Although our core services provide a full lifecycle for national manufacturers and their freight service needs, our near core audiences cover a full variety of different industries. No matter what your freight, we have a customized solution for your freight needs.   

Where do you ship to?

GOAT Logistics manages freight services for national and global clientele within the continental United States (Including Canada) in addition to Hawaii.  


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